How to Stop Bed Sheets from Coming Off

It almost seems silly that we’re in the 21-century and people are still looking for an answer to this question: how to stop bed sheets from coming off the bed?

There have been several attempts to solve this universal problem, but clearly somethings not working because people are still searching. Until two years ago, I searched the same thing, constantly looking how to stop my bed sheets from coming off my mattress.

I tried to tuck my top sheet in extra tight so my 6’4” husband wouldn’t be able to rip them out when he slept, his long legs inevitably taking the sheets with them on every toss and turn. But ultimately, that tightly tucked sheet resulted in some pretty unhappy toes being crammed, both for him and myself.

I tried those fasteners that attached your top sheet to your fitted sheets, but those were no match for my husband’s nocturnal gymnastics either. Multiple sets are still being found snapped and broken in half under our bed.

Once I even bought a set of bed sheets that were one size bigger than my bed, thinking the extra material could be tucked further under my mattress but would allow me/him to pull on the sheets without them coming off. Yet again, those just ended up balled up at the bottom of my bed and looking messy on a daily basis.

I had to put a stop to the madness, and did so in my own way. And thus, Kitelinens was born.

Stop bed sheets from coming off with Kitelinens

Kitelinens sheets are uniquely designed to stay on the mattress throughout the night, no matter how much you move around. In turn, this neatly kept sheet allows you to sleep more soundly and removes the hassle of making the bed each morning (win/win!).

How is it that our bed sheets are so different? Well, it’s all in the patent-pending design of the top sheet. This very simple combination of a traditional top sheet with the footer of a fitted sheet is all it takes. Combined with the dual side slits that allows you to sneak your feet out (if you wish), and the extra material making up the large “pocket” region, you’re never too constricted or feeling trapped in the sheets.

Stop the debate - Top sheets ARE good

In a previous article, we shared the “Great Debate” about sheets: to tuck or untuck. The beauty about Kitelinens Stay-Tucked bed sheets is that we no longer have to have this animosity in the world! You can finally keep your top sheet on your bed (tucked), and never have it feel too tightly tucked. After all, the only reason people ever started hating the top sheet was because it came untucked and made a mess of your bed. But not anymore. Kitelinens has put a stop to your bed sheets from coming off.

Added benefits of our sheets that stay on the bed

If you think about it, there’s probably many reasons as to why we move so much in our sleep and subsequently untuck our sheets. We’re either experiencing some physical discomfort in our body (my back is my #1 problem), or we’re overthinking about the day ahead or the day behind us (stress/anxiety); or perhaps we’re too stinking hot when we sleep so we kick our sheets off unknowingly, waking up to our sheets strewn about the bed or floor of our bedroom.

Although we can’t solve your back problems, we can help you sleep cooler at night. An added benefit of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked sheets is their cooling functionality both in the material makeup and design.

We share a lot about this in our latest post, “Sheets if you sweat at night (what to buy),” and explain how the side slits not only allow you to free your feet out from under the covers (if you wish), but they also prevent heat from staying trapped. Normally, a regular top sheet would be tucked on either sides of the mattress near your feet, preventing your feet and heat from escaping.

Additionally, our sheets are made of 100% Cotton Sateen, which is the best naturally cooling fabric out there (say goodbye to your microfiber and flannel sheets, please). We were keen to not sacrifice any quality or comfort in the material of our sheets because we know how important it is to sleep with good quality sheets. That’s why we’re so proud to bring you a product that is high quality, high comfort, but works to make your life easier too. What other sheets out there do you know can do that?