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The story behind Kitelinens sateen sheets that stay on the bed

Kitelinens luxury double bed sheets solve a natural problem that many people have: Your sheets pop off your bed when you sleep every night and you have to re-tuck them every morning.

But how did these hybrid sheets go from an idea in the mind of Kitelinens Founder and inventor Sierra Wallizer to a polished product you can order online as cotton sateen sheets queen, full, twin and king? Sierra shares the story behind her award-winning sheets in four parts – read and watch below to find out how Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets went from an idea to the best organic cotton bed sheets on sale.

Part 1 – Coming up with the idea for Stay-Tucked cotton sateen sheets full, twin, queen and king

About a year ago I came up with the idea for Kitelinens sateen sheets full while making my bed on a Saturday morning. I find it pretty annoying to have to re-tuck the top sheet when making the bed. I thought, “why isn’t this easier!?” We’ve made so many things that are a degree or two better than what they previously were. I thought the same could be true for the top sheet. It was time for it to evolve.

I remember calling my mom and saying, “I have this idea I need to show it to you.” I sent her the spec that I drew and I proceeded to make the top sheets with my own sheets that I found in my closet. I made my first design that Saturday and slept with it that night and woke up Sunday and it did not work – at all.

So I spent the rest of Sunday re-making the design that I had in mind and…it worked! The sheet never came untucked from underneath the bed. I also designed it to not cause tension on my toes while I slept. Because of the sheet being tucked in, naturally you think you’re going to have that tension, but Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets are designed to not create any tension on your toes all while staying tucked. I also created Kitelinens in a way that allows me – a person who sleeps with their feet out for temperature control – to sneak those feet out while still not having the sheets come untucked.

Part 2 – The first step in creating Kitelinens luxury king size bed sheets and other sizes

I had a working prototype in my own apartment. I thought, “huh, maybe other people have this same problem?” So, in order to validate this idea, enough for me to feel comfortable moving forward with the next step - which was getting a better prototype created - I sent out a Facebook survey.

I got about 100 respondents. The survey questions asked what their pain points were around sleeping and making the bed. As it turned out, a lot of people hated re-tucking the top sheet. I also learned that many people struggle with the fitted sheet coming untucked all the time. These were things I kept in mind while designing the prototype.

I went to a seamstress where I get all of my clothes tailored down the street from my apartment in New York City. I made an instruction manual for her and asked, can you make this new type of luxury double bed set? A week later, she made a much better prototype of the version that I had safety-pinned together. Her version was good enough for me to then go find a manufacturer to create my sheet.

Part 3 – Finding a manufacturer for organic cotton sateen sheets king, queen, full and twin.

Finding a manufacturer was the next step in the process of making a new type of premium cotton bed sheets, and the hardest. I really wanted to produce my luxury king size bed sheets in the US, but as we all know that can be a bit expensive. Not only that, but I heard a lot of “no’s” (about 10!) before I heard my first “yes.”

The no’s were because the design of this sheet required manufacturers to either buy another part for their machinery or do a lot of hand sewing. If you think about it, any machines that produce a rectangular piece of material - a traditional top sheet – are designed to simply roll out fabrics. But my sheets had seams, cuts, splits and elastic elements. There’s nothing out there that can produce this type of luxury double bed set easily. So, I heard a lot of no’s.

Ultimately, I ended up landing on a manufacturer in Portugal which I’m super excited about because they value sustainability so much. They were willing to experiment with me and were successful. It took some time - insert Covid and it took even more time! – but we ended up with a really nice product and I’m really excited for everyone to try it.

Part 4 – Coming up with the name for a new type of cotton sateen sheets queen, king and full sizes

Coming up with the name for Kitelinens organic cotton sateen sheets queen was a really fun exercise. Naming is a fun exercise because it’s creative, you get to sit down and not worry about logistics or paperwork and just brainstorm. But it can be a little frustrating at the beginning just because when you come up with a good name or you think you have the one, chances are someone else thought of it before you and it’s trademarked. Well, that happened - multiple times. I couldn’t find something that was available. So, while keeping in mind that a name should be short, easy to pronounce, easy to remember and easy to spell, I thought, OK let me think about the brand I would want to be behind and the feelings that it would evoke.

I began to vividly remember running in the backyard of my grandma and granddad’s house where my grandma hung every piece of laundry she owned, including the white cotton sheets. I would run through the sheets and smell their freshness and feel them on my skin and face while I ran through them. They were soft and I felt as if I were running through these giant kites and flying! It was in that moment that I thought, yes, this feeling of nostalgia and family and warmth and freshness – that’s what I want. So, “kite” was the word that I landed on. Thus, Kitelinens was born! I’m thrilled that the Kitelinens organic cotton sheet sale is live with worldwide shipping and ready for you to shop.