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Our Story

How Kitelinens came to be

Making the bed is something we all do. Daily for some, haphazardly for others, or perhaps only when we know guests will be visiting. However often you decide to make your bed, one thing remains true for everyone - retucking the sheets is always a pain.

Our founder, Sierra Wallizer, agrees. Always organized and orderly, making the bed each morning is a customary chore for Sierra. However, never one that could be accomplished without strife due to her sheet-hogging husband’s nocturnal habit of kicking the sheets out from under the mattress. What started off as a one-off wisecrack about him making the bed from now on quickly evolved into brainstorming and prototyping.

Kitelinens was born on a sleepy Saturday morning in a small New York City apartment. Our Stay-Tucked sheets never come untucked while you sleep, helping you save time, start your day off better, and even prevent those petty partner scuffles ;)

About our Founder, Sierra Wallizer

The idea for Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets was started in the Big Apple, but our founder was raised on “Country Roads” and originally hails from West Virginia.  

Family, love, authenticity, and support for one another is everything in West Virginia and Sierra wanted to create a product and brand that represented just that. Kitelinens is built on three brand principles that make up the fabric of who we are (quite literally!)

  • Represent real people - Our sheets are made for he/him, she/her, they/them, YOU!
  • Emphasize innovation - We sweat the details in design, material, process and technique
  • Customer first - Always be listening, learning, and pivot when necessary

Honing in on the aspect of “family,” Sierra wanted a name for her brand that captured the feelings of one of her fondest childhood memories. On blue sky days as a young girl, she would run in between the hanging sheets in her grandmother's backyard as they dried in the warm summer sun. Feelings of happiness and joy arise whenever she remembers her afternoons running in between those giant white “kites,” as she imagined the sheets to be.

These joyful, refreshing feelings are what Sierra brings to life through Kitelinens Stay-Tucked sheets, because busy people deserve to have more happy moments in life, even during mundane daily tasks like making your bed.