Bedding That Makes Your Life Easier

Experience stay-tucked bedding that keeps you cool, helps you sleep, and takes the work out of making your bed.

"These innovative bed sheets solved my most annoying bedding problems."

"These top sheets are designed to stay in place. So even if you kick during the night, they won’t come loose."

"This combination of tucked fabric and free-hanging fabric keeps the sheets secure while still allowing sleepers to poke their feet out, which makes this a great sheet for those who dislike the feeling of becoming trapped."

Fall asleep faster, get better sleep, and experience better mornings.

Right now, sheets don't do much to make your sleep and life easier. We sleep for nearly one third (that's over 25 years!) of our lifetimes, yet people everywhere struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, and even make their bed with ease.


Here are some of the reasons why:


Doctors recommend a temperature between 60-67° F to fall asleep fastest and stay asleep. Many people run hot and need to blast their air conditioning, costing them hundreds of dollars in the process.

Kitelinens sheets are made to dissipate heat so you don't end up too hot in bed.


More than 80% of people feel more productive throughout their day after making their bed, according to a 2019 study. Currently, most bedding sets still make that chore as difficult as possible.

Kitelinens sheets virtually eliminate that pesky bed-making chore. You just pull up, no tuck, and go!


Tucked top sheets are uncomfortable, restrictive, and prevent many people from falling asleep. While sleep is one of the most important factors for your mental and physical health, most people accept their inconvenient bedding as it is and re-tuck their sheets daily, or continue to struggle with sub-par sleep.

Kitelinens sheets give you the best of both worlds by staying neatly tucked in and remaining loose enough to make it easy to sleep.

Finally—bedding made better.

Your sleep determines the quality of your next day.

We decided to re-invent the bed sheet so that it helps you fall asleep faster, have better sleep, and spend less time making the bed in the morning so you can do more of what matters in your day.

Eliminates The Hassle of Making Your Bed

The top sheet stays neatly tucked in at all times, removing 90% of the chore of making your bed when you wake up.

You'll never have to make a square corner again.

Helps You Stay Cool

Our sheets use a 100% cotton sateen weave that naturally dissipates body heat from you, allowing you to maintain a cool temperature more easily.

Our sheets also have a slit on each side so you can sneak your feet out from under the sheet if you're still too hot.

Never Feels Constricted While Tucked In

Kitelinens top sheets have a deep pocket at the foot of the mattress that gives your feet more than enough room to move around freely.


Falling asleep will be that much easier.

"Sheet Sharing" Made Easy

Ever get into a sheet tug-of-war with your sleep partner? Kitelinens sheets are designed extra-long so no one is fighting over the covers.


Less time fighting, more time sleeping.








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Designed to make it 90% easier to make your bed, keep you at the perfect temperature all night long, and allow you to sleep however you want.

Here's why you'll sleep better (and live better) with our Stay-Tucked Sheets:

  • Only tuck once. Kitelinens have an easy-on top sheet design that means you don’t have to bother tucking the sheets in along the entire perimeter of your bed. When one tuck is all it takes, you have more time to focus on the important stuff in your life. Stop trying to figure out how to keep the sheets on the bed — we've done that for you!
  • Sleep at your perfect temperature. Kitelinens sheets are made with cotton sateen that is a luxurious, breathable fabric. The top sheet is designed with a slit at each side (for hot sleepers) which you can kick your feet out of for easy temperature control without removing the entire sheet.
  • Eliminate “sheet hogging.” The unique dual side slits and extra-long design of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked sheets put an end to sheet hogging while still being cuddle-friendly. A good excuse to stay tucked in bed with your partner ;)
  • Never feel restricted. Kitelinens bed sheets that stay on give your toes and feet the freedom to move without constriction, all while staying on the bed throughout the night – so you can fall asleep and stay asleep in total comfort.

King Sheets:

  • Fitted Sheet: 78” W x 80” L (17" pockets)
  • Top Sheet (Stay-Tucked Design): 111” W x 111” L
  • King Pillowcases: 20” W x 38” L

Queen Sheets:

  • Fitted Sheet: 60” W x 80” L (17" pockets)
  • Top Sheet (Stay-Tucked Design): 91” W x 115” L
  • Standard Pillowcases: 20” W x 31” L

Full/Double Sheets:

  • Fitted Sheet: 54” W x 75” L (17" pockets)
  • Top Sheet (Stay-Tucked Design): 84” W x 110.5” L
  • Standard Pillowcases: 20” W x 31” L

Twin Sheets:

  • Fitted Sheet: 39” W x 75” L (17" pockets)
  • Top Sheet (Stay-Tucked Design): 69” W x 110.5” L
  • Standard Pillowcases: 20” W x 31” L

High-quality 100% cotton bed sheets made by skilled craftspeople in Portugal. We love working with our partners that have helped us solve how to keep the sheets on the bed with our unique design.

300-thread count sateen weave sheets for a luxurious buttery soft feel. Knowing how to keep the sheets on the bed is one thing, but loving the high quality feeling of your bed sheets is all the rage.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified for chemical safety of your bed sheets. If you ever see this logo printed of your bed sheets tag (and they are definitely on ours!), then you know you're sleeping safely.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified for 95%+ organic cotton bed sheets. Kitelinens knows how to keep the sheets on the bed AND care for the world!

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified members (#1005256) know how to ensure any cotton used is sustainable. Kitelinens' bed sheets use cotton that is better for all parties involved - those who produce it and the environment it grows in.

Sedex Members for ethical trade. Kitelinens is proud to work alongside Sedex Members in the manufacturing process; they know how to conduct responsible business practice while making our bed sheets.






“These sheets are incredible! We put them on our bed yesterday and I was super comfortable all night. Since the sheet stayed in place, I wasn't playing tug of war all night with my husband. We are hooked! Making the bed this morning was also a breeze.. how did we ever use other sheets?”

—Corinne L.


"We love them, they are everything they claim to be. The first 2 weeks I was finding myself not being able to get out of bed because of how soft and comfortable they are and the way they don't come untucked at the end of the bed makes it so easy to make the bed in the morning. Highly recommend.”

—Garrett E.


“I love to have a made bed but taking off the duvet, the sheet crumpled at the bottom and everything else takes so much time. With Kitelinens, a quick pull up and the bed is made. Lets me start my day with an easy accomplishment.”

—Madeline M.

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