Bed Sheets Tucked or Untucked (The Great Debate)

In the early stages of creating sheets that stay tucked, two questions quickly stuck out during our research:

These questions are at the center of some intense debates in online forums, among peers and even between partners who disagree on what makes a comfortable bed ideal for sleep. The disagreements go to show just how varied preferences are among different people when it comes to bed sheets and sleeping well.

Have millennials killed the top sheet?

Online discussions in recent years about sleep trends -  among millennials in particular -  have led some to wonder, have millennials made top sheets obsolete? According to a recent CBS News poll, the answer is no; the majority of people are still choosing to sleep with top sheets.

 But still, those on the anti-top sheet side make some excellent points. Who wants to bother unwrinkling your top sheet every morning and tucking it in to all corners of your bed? There has to be a better way - and there is - with Kitelinens sheets that won’t come untucked.

Tucked or Untucked: The case against tucked-in top sheets

Some of the main reasons people report for hating tucking in their top sheet:

  • A top sheet is more work. Many people reported a top sheet as being more time-consuming. An extra layer to worry about when you’re making your bed in the morning, and another piece to wash and fold.  
  • A tucked-in top sheet feels restrictive and uncomfortable. When your top sheet is tucked into your bed’s corners,  people can find it difficult to move around. Specifically, they feel tension on their toes and legs.
  • A tucked-in top sheet makes it harder to get out of bed. For people who have to wake up at off hours for work or who need to get up frequently to use the bathroom at night, being too tightly tucked in the sheets can be impractical. They need to be able to easily swing their legs out of the bed, and if they sleep with a partner, to not disturb them too much while doing so.
  • A tucked-in top sheet causes overheating while sleeping. Everyone has a different sleep temperature preference, but one thing’s for sure: If you’re too hot, you’re going to have trouble sleeping. And for some people, especially those who tend to sleep hot, a tucked in top sheet can overheat you and leave you sweating in bed while sleeping.

The most comfortable cotton sheets for people who hate top sheets

According to this writer for Good Housekeeping, top sheets are not worth the time or the effort. As she hilariously put it:

For starters, the top sheet doesn’t play well with others - it invariably ends up in a damp, dispirited wad toward the lower third of the bed, twisted around like a bad metaphor.” - Liz Krieger,

We hear you loud and clear, top sheet haters! And we certainly agree that traditional top sheets are a total pain when it comes to making your bed. In fact, it’s the reason why we designed our special sheets that never come untucked in the first place. The patent-pending stay-tucked design of Kitelinens sheets prevents this situation from ever occurring again. All you have to do with a Kitelinens top sheet in the morning is pull it up and put your blanket/duvet over it. Voila, you have a made bed with all the corners already tucked! No searching for a tangled up lump on the far corners of your bed, and no tucking necessary.

Kitelinens sheets that won’t come untucked are also a solution for those that feel too restricted in a normal top sheet and/or need to get out of bed during the night. In addition to being sheets that will stay tucked in, they have an extra-long, deep pocket design that prevents the feeling of trapped legs and toes.Your feet can be untucked without your sheets coming untucked, so there is no feeling constricted ever, and it’s easy to kick your legs out whenever you need to. Thanks to the hybrid design, our sheets will stay tucked in as you come and go, and will work on thick mattresses with room to spare. In fact, Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets were recently voted best deep-pocket sheets for thick extra mattresses.

Finally, Kitelinens are the most comfortable cotton sheets for hot sleepers, regardless if you want them tucked or untucked. Kitelinens’ lightweight cotton sateen sheets are great for those who tend to sleep hot for two main reasons 1.) The fabric used in the sheets and 2.) the hybrid design of the bed sheets. Stay-Tucked sheets are made from GOTS certified 95% organic cotton sateen, one of the most breathable fabric options for sheets and bedding. The sheets’ hybrid design allows you to easily kick one (or both!) legs out from under the sheet for instant heat release and cooling relief.

Tucked vs. Untucked cotton bed sheets

Among those in the pro-top sheet camp, there is another debate: should bed sheets be tucked or untucked? That is the question. Some reasons people list for being pro-tucking include:

  • A tucked-in top sheet brings a feeling of security and comfort. For some, being tightly hugged by a tucked-in top sheet is soothing and helps with sleep. Weighted blankets, a popular sleep product these days, are for people who enjoy this sensation.
  • A tucked-in top sheet is warm and cozy. For some who don’t sleep hot and live and cold climates, being bundled and cozy in bed is needed for a good night of sleep.
  • A tucked in sheet is neater. Some people like the orderliness and appearance of tucked in sheets. They enjoy the ritual of tidying up a bed, and they like the appearance of tightly tucked bed sheets with crisp corners.

For those on Team Untucked, their reasons are similar to the anti-top sheet group: Feeling restricted and claustrophobic, feeling hot when they sleep, and the hassle of worrying about another layer of bedding when you’re making your bed every day and doing your laundry every week.

End the Tucked vs. Untucked Debate with Kitelinens bed sheets that won’t come untucked

With Stay -Tucked sheets, you can put the bed sheets tucked or untucked debate to rest and get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re Team Tucked or Team Untucked, you’ll be satisfied with Kitelinens cotton bed sheets. The hybrid design manages to stay tucked, but feels untucked. The foot of your Kitelinens cotton sateen sheets will stay tucked in no matter how often you toss, turn or get up in the middle of the night, while the side slit design gives you the flexibility to kick your legs out if you get hot or need the freedom to stretch your legs out. Making the bed in the morning is fast and efficient and only takes a few seconds, and you can clean your Kitelinens cotton sheet set just as you would with any regular bed sheets.

Caring for your sheets that stay tucked

If you’re a “No Top sheet sleeper” now considering coming over to the Top Sheet side with Kitelinens sheets that stay tucked in, how often should you care for your top sheet? The NYTimes Wirecutter has some tips on washing frequency and types of cleaners to use in this explainer video. With Kitelinens, we recommend washing your sheets in your Kitelinens laundry bag for extra protection.

Start your mornings better with Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets