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Best Queen Size Fitted Sheets That Won't Come Off

Buying a bed for the first time is one of those experiences that they don’t really teach you about. It’s similar to the first time you have to write a check, or doing your own laundry when Mom or Dad finally decides you’re old enough to know. Although we are arguably old enough to know, why hadn’t we gotten any courses or training on things to look for or things to consider when doing any of these tasks?When I bought my first bed at the age of ~25 (wild, I know. But until then, I just kept sleeping on whatever Mom and Dad gave me in college – a Twin size –  and then eventually “upgraded” to whatever extra mattress...

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Best Sheets for Restless Legs Syndrome

Kitelinens are the best sheets for restless legs syndrome (RLS). Kitelinens bed sheets don't fall off, so if you have restless legs syndrome, your bed sheets will stay on the bed & you can sleep cool & comfortably.

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