Best Bedsheets for Postpartum Moms: And Why You Should Buy Them for Her

Nothing can prepare you for that very first postpartum journey with your new babe – you’ve been there and now your mission is to make it easier for other first-time moms.

Namely and most importantly your friends, daughter, daughter-in-law or spouse, who, bless their hearts, just don’t have a clue.

The night sweats

The mess

The disorientation

The love, oh the love

The sleepless nights


The sweetness of the tiny babe in your arms

It all comes like an avalanche of love and disorientation and it’s all so right now.

And where does a new mom spend most of her time? In her bed. Particularly, if you follow the 5-5-5 rule where you’re 5 days in the bed, 5 days on the bed, and 5 days around the bed. 

You take your time to heal and bond and figure out feeding and it all happens in one central location:

The Bed.

What does she need on that bed? Sheets. Sheets that don’t come untucked, don’t restrict, and stay on the bed. The last thing she needs is to bend over to wrestle a fitted sheet like she's on WWE while she’s trying to heal. 

The best bedsheets for postpartum moms are cool, and comfortable, can also be warm if needed, and don’t come off the bed, untucked, or get tangled which makes life easier for the new mom making her way around in her new body. 

This is why Kitelinens sheets are the best bedsheets for postpartum moms, thus the best gift for a postpartum mom.

Having the right pair of sheets for her bed, ones that you can gift her as a new mom as she prepares the pivotal change into motherhood will make her life 10x easier. 

Now, let’s look at why they’re so amazing.

The Benefits of Kitelinens Sheets for New Moms

Kitelinens bedsheets for postpartum moms won't make a new mom who had an emergency C-section bend over to re-tuck her sheets and risk her incision.

Kitelinens sheets won’t make a new mom who is recovering from a vaginal birth uncomfortable walking around and lifting the bed to put the sheet back where it belongs.

Kitelinens sheets will stay neat and on the bed with your partner sleeping next to you

These sheets keep their shape, stay on the bed, allow for you to extend your leg out and aren’t overly restrictive.

They are the perfect gift for any new mom or the perfect prep item for a new mom getting her home ready for her new bundle of joy.

One of the best things you can give a new baby is the care of the mother and these sheets will make a difference to her sleep and comfort in her bed.

Now let’s explore what happens to a new mom and why Kitelinens are the answer to the perfect gift idea to make her postpartum journey easier and more comfortable.

The 4th Trimester

Often referred to as the 4th trimester, the postpartum is the period of time when a mother has recently given birth to a new baby and is recovering while her new baby is adjusting to the outside world. 

There are various stages of changes her body is going to undergo during this time – both physically and emotionally. 

There are three stages to early postpartum adjustment in the 4th trimester: the acute phase which lasts 24 hours after delivery, the sub-acute phase, which lasts 2-6 weeks after delivery, and late phase which can last from 6 weeks up to 6 months after delivery.

During this time, a number of symptoms can occur with the new mother like:

  • Sleeplessness – caused by getting in and out of bed doing on-demand feeding
  • Perineum soreness – the area between your vagina and rectum
  • Baby blues – feeling emotionally empty after giving birth 
  • More elasticity in ligaments – which can make balance a challenge
  • Hormonal detox – which can cause night sweating (another factor bedsheets for postpartum moms helps with!)
  • Intrusive thoughts – caused by postpartum anxiety
  • Uterine contractions – when your uterus is moving back to its original size
  • Swollen extremities – hands and feet and face 
  • Depression and increased anxiety – about the baby and doing all the ‘right’ things
  • Exhaustion – the mental load and the tending to the baby and other chores

During this period, the mother's body is adjusting to the traumatic episode of bringing a baby into the world, adjusting to her post-baby body, reorganizing her insides and the last thing she’ll want to reorganize is her bedsheets and remake her bed each day. 

Kitelinens created an improved ergonomic sheet set for sleeping and maneuvering around the bed with optimal improvements for staying on the bed.

Kitelinens are 300-thread count sheets made with 100% cotton from Portugal and create the optimal sleep environment for new mothers to be comfortable and cool and most importantly – not come off the bed. They truly are the best bedsheets for postpartum moms.

You’ll be a rockstar gift giver for a new mom and she’ll thank you each time she gets in and out of her neatly tucked bed.

Best Bedsheets for Postpartum Moms - Great for the 4th Trimester - And Beyond!

Now that she’s a new mom – her life has expanded and gotten fuller, but also more complicated, with limited time for house and self-care. Kitelinens sheets will support her beyond the postpartum phase into motherhood.

There may not be a ton of bed making in the beginning, but when it resumes, she’ll still have the right sheets on her bed and in the meantime…we know that Kitelinens bedsheets won’t get untucked or come off the bed.

Since these sheets are made with 100% cotton from Portugal, it’s the finest in the world. This cotton grows close to the Atlantic Ocean so it means it’s softer, and won’t pill as easily. This means they’ll remain more comfortable and be like new – for longer! 

That’s why these are the best sheets for postpartum moms overall. Function, softness, and less work. A dream for a new mom.

Our sheets come in California King, Split King, King, Queen, Full, TwinXL and Twin - any size for any bed.

Buy your new set now and give her the gift of comfort, and a sheet that will support the new mom in your life!

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