Best Queen Size Fitted Sheets That Won't Come Off

Buying a bed for the first time is one of those experiences that they don’t really teach you about. It’s similar to the first time you have to write a check, or doing your own laundry when Mom or Dad finally decides you’re old enough to know. Although we are arguably old enough to know, why hadn’t we gotten any courses or training on things to look for or things to consider when doing any of these tasks?

When I bought my first bed at the age of ~25 (wild, I know. But until then, I just kept sleeping on whatever Mom and Dad gave me in college – a Twin size –  and then eventually “upgraded” to whatever extra mattress they had laying around in their basement – a Full size), I visited all the mattress stores in New York City (where I was living at the time). I visited Mattress Firm, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Raymour & Flanigans, Macy’s 6th floor bedding department. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for from price point to firmness to softness to size. But once I narrowed it down to the fact that nothing bigger than a queen size would fit in my 500 square foot apartment, the search narrowed in. 

(Actual footage of my collage twin size bed)

It turns out that the queen size bed was not only the perfect size for my small bedroom, but it was also just enough space for my significant other (now my husband) to snuggle in beside me. He’s a pretty tall man (6’4”) so although the queen size fit us both, we truly always needed a king size for his extra long legs (which we have today, 7 years later). A queen size bed is the perfect size for couples or for anyone who wants a little extra space to themselves. But why is it so popular?

The History of a Queen Size Bed

Queen size beds have been around for centuries, and their popularity is only increasing. The queen size bed was first introduced in the early 1900s and was designed to be larger than a full size bed but smaller than a king size bed. The name of the queen size bed is derived from the fact that it was originally designed for Queen Elizabeth II. Queen size beds quickly became popular among couples and families who wanted more room to sleep in than a full size bed provided, but didn’t need the extra space of a king bed. Today, queen size beds are the most popular size bed sold and are available in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste.
They happen to be the most popular among people aged 18-34. This is likely due to the fact that queen beds are affordable, widely available, and offer a good mix of comfort and space.

Queen beds are also popular among couples and families. This is likely due to the fact that queen size beds offer more space than full size beds, but are not as expensive or as large as king size beds.
Queen beds are also popular among people who live in small spaces, such as apartments and condos. This is likely due to the fact that queen size beds offer a good mix of comfort and space without taking up too much room.

The Hard Part is Buying The Right Bed Sheets

The reality of my bed purchasing process was that it wasn’t that difficult after all. I mean, eventually they all start feeling the same and you just want to buy it and go home. Where I struggled, interestingly enough, was finding the right bed sheets. Way before I started Kitelinens, I always searched for bed sheets that stay tucked in. Both my queen size fitted sheets and top sheets needed to stay tucked in for me to be my normal happy self.But, the feeling of those bed sheets mattered too!

I wanted soft, but not too soft that they would pill. I wanted
bed sheets that would keep me cool while I slept, and also didn’t wrinkle much. At the time, I needed Kitelinens queen size fitted sheets and Stay-Tucked top sheet, but unfortunately they didn’t exist just yet ;)

Kitelinens Bed Sheets That Won’t Come Off

Fast Forward 7 years and my perfect bed sheets exist (thanks, Me?)! Kitelinens complete sheet sets come in a variety of sizes and colors. If you’re looking for queen size fitted sheets that won’t come off, as well as a top sheet that stays tucked in, we have the bed sheets for you.

Kitelinens bed sheets, both queen size fitted sheets and top sheet are uniquely designed to stay on the mattress throughout the night, no matter how much you move around. In turn, this neatly kept sheet allows you to sleep more soundly and removes the hassle of making the bed each morning (win/win!). All you need to do with Kitelinens bed sheets are pull up, no tuck, and go about your day!

How is it that our bed sheets are so different? Well, it’s all in the patent-pending design of the top sheet. This very simple combination of a traditional top sheet with the footer of a fitted sheet is all it takes. Combined with the dual side slits that allow you to sneak your feet out (if you wish), and the extra material making up the large “pocket” region, you’re never too constricted or feeling trapped in our bed sheets

We’ve heard from so many of our customers that their Kitelinens bed sheets that won’t come off are game changing. Rebecca J. shared, “[I] Love these bed sheets so much. The idea is so simple yet makes a huge difference in my life.” And McQueen added, “[I] Love the Stay-Tucked top sheet! [My] husband’s fussy feet [are] happy with roominess [from] the side slit.”

If you’re hunting for queen size fitted sheets that stay tucked in, Kitelinens has you covered. 

Dimensions of a Queen and Kitelinens Queen Bed Sheets

Queen beds are traditionally 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Because Kitelinens bed sheets are unique in their design, the dimensions aren’t an exact fit.

For the queen size fitted sheets, these are actually sized exactly to the dimensions of the mattress - 60” W x 80” L, but they also come with 17"-pockets that help keep the queen size fitted sheets on the mattress.

Our patent-pending Stay-Tucked top sheet measures at 95” W x 115” L, but don’t let these dimensions confuse you. Because of our design, we require a lot more fabric than traditional bed sheets use. 

Our sets of bed sheets each come with two pillow cases (either standard or King) that measure 20” W x 31” L (standard) and 20” W x 38” L (king).

If you’re in the market for a new bed, a queen size bed is a great option. If you buy a bed, you’ll then very quickly be in the market for new bed sheets - and queen size fitted sheets that stay tucked in, for that matter - so be sure to snag yourself a set of Kitelinens bed sheets for the best night sleep you’ll ever have.