How to Keep Top Sheet Tucked In (Bed Hacks)


We love this question about how to keep top sheet tucked in because it’s the one that started it all at Kitelinens.

Over the years, we found that top sheet tucking every single morning is boring and repetitive. Who wants to spend their limited and important morning time doing that sort of repetitive task? 

Maybe you’ve had this thought too. Maybe after years of tucking your top sheet and lifting your mattress every morning, you’ve lost the motivation to keep making your bed. Maybe you’ve even tried to tell yourself you’ll stay in one position all night so you don’t move your regular top sheet out of place. (Hint: That never works!) Perhaps you’ve even ditched using your regular top sheet altogether to avoid having to bother with your untucked sheets in the morning.

Regardless of what you’ve tried to keep regular top sheets tucked in and avoid having to make your bed every morning, most people agree that daily bed making is one of the best habits to have. After all, make your bed, change the world! 

On one hand, a well-made bed is satisfying. A well-made bed sets you up for a productive, organized day. Plus, it just makes your bedroom look neat and complete. And although many argue that sleeping with a top sheet is overrated, they couldn’t be more wrong. Not sleeping with a top sheet brings a number of potential health risks. Just Google it. If you’ve joined the “no top sheet” band wagon, we urged you to come back to the pro top sheet side.

Now back to our point – we all have way better things to do than tuck our top sheet in morning after morning, and why, with all the advanced technology we have in 2022, has the age-old practice of making your bed not been improved?

Enter Kitelinens Premium Cotton Bed Sheets (and top sheet!) that stay tucked in

Keep Top Sheet Tucked In

So, if you’re tuckered out from all the tucking, and want to keep your top sheet tucked in, consider an alternative approach. If you’re still shopping for your regular brand of cotton sheets, stop what you’re doing and consider our premium cotton bed sheets that keep your top sheet tucked in.  Kitelinens are the innovative, cotton sheet set that you didn’t know you needed, because they know how to keep your top sheet tucked in.

Kitelinens have solved the mystery of how to keep top sheet tucked in, and are a surprisingly low-tech approach to better, faster bed making that is completely re-imagining this centuries-old morning chore. If you’re wondering “is it even possible to have sheets that stay tucked in?” The answer is, yes, now there is! Let us explain, but first – watch this:

How To: Keep Top Sheet Tucked In

Tired of the hassle and the chore of making her bed every morning, Kitelinens inventor and founder, Sierra Wallizer knew there had to be a better way to keep her sheets (specifically her top sheet) tucked in. One morning, after another monotonous and frustrating round of tucking in the top sheet, Sierra asked herself the question that sparked an idea: 

Keep my top sheet tucked in? What if I could create a top sheet that stays tucked in?

So, she did. Sierra’s journey toward creating sheets that stay tucked in no matter what was long and difficult. After over a year of hard work to figure out how to design these, she launched Kitelinens– special hybrid sheets that stay tucked in– in October 2020. 

The key to Kitelinens ground-breaking hybrid design is all in the top sheet – it combines the elastic footer of a fitted sheet with the top of a traditional top sheet. The top sheet has specially designed slits that give your legs and feet mobility, all while staying tucked in. Even if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, Kitelinens will stay tucked in place so that you’re not groggily fishing out your top sheet and wasting time going around your bed’s perimeter tucking it back in again in the morning. Kitlinens knows how to keep top sheet tucked in and make life easier.

Ever wonder how to sleep with a partner who’s a bit of a “sheet hog”? Sheet hogging is solved with Kitelinens extra long top sheet design. Plenty of room to move and plenty of sheet for both sides of the bed.

The extra long design of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked top sheet also means no toe tension whatsoever. Hate that feeling of your toes being trapped and smushed? So do we. That’s why we designed Kitelinens top sheet with plenty of room for your little piggies to feel free while staying tucked in (is this witchcraft!?).

In addition to the groundbreaking new design, Kitelinens don’t use any old fabric. Our Stay Tucked Sheets are some of the most comfortable cotton sheets you can find in your search for pure cotton bed sheets online. We use the best quality certified cotton to create premium cotton bed sheets you’ll want to sleep in night after night, and spread the word to friends and family..

Order now - Kitelinens sheets that stay tucked in

So, how to keep top sheet tucked in? The answer is Kitelinens - sheets that stay tucked in! 

Kitelinens had a successful pre-order period in Fall 2020 and you can now find these cotton bed sheets on sale for regular purchase. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try our sheets that stay tucked in with nothing to lose. So, if you’re shopping for sheets (or even just a top sheet; you can buy those separately if you’d like), get Kitelinens pure cotton bed sheets online and start making your bed smarter, faster and better now.

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