Kitelinens Sleep Stories: Janis A.

Sleep needs are highly variable across ages, genders and lifestyles. When we designed Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets, we set out to create the most comfortable cotton sheets for all types of people, no matter what sleep preferences you have. 

What type of sleeper are you? What are your sleep preferences, must-haves and must-NOT-haves? While the answers can be vastly different from person to person, you might be surprised that many people have the same quirks and specific preferences in common. 

With this in mind, we started reaching out to Kitelinens customers to see what they’d share about their sleep life and how Kitelinens helps. Our Sleep Stories series features interviews with real users of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets and their testimonials about how Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets improved their bedtime and wake-up routines. 

Read on to find out how Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets changed our customer Janis's sleep for the better.

What type of sleeper would you describe yourself as? Are you an active sleeper that moves around a lot, or mostly still during the night?  

Mostly still, but some movement.

Do you like silence or white noise while you sleep?

Some white or ambient noise  

Do you like total darkness or a little light in the room?


Do you have any sleep quirks?

Even if I’m hot, I like to have at least the feel of a sheet over me and I love the soft cotton of Kitelinens.   

What's your biggest sleep pet peeve?

Getting up to pee!

Are you a night owl or an early riser?

Early riser  

If you sleep with a partner, do you have any sleep "incompatibilities"?

I sleep with a partner and we have no sleep incompatibility.

How has sleeping with Kitelinens sheets that stay tucked in improved your sleep? 

Love that the top sheet does not come untucked at night.

How has sleeping with Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets that stay tucked in improved your mornings?

Making the bed in the morning is a breeze and so much less of a hassle!  My partner used to have to almost totally remake their side to re-tuck the top sheet. We both really love the Kitelinens top sheet.  It is also very comfy on the skin great quality cotton.