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The best organic cotton sheets for hot sleepers

According to the Sleep Foundation, most doctors recommend keeping the thermostat set between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius) for the best temperature for sleep. Experts from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine advise thinking of a bedroom as a cave: It should be cool, quiet, and dark for optimal sleep.

This is because our body’s temperature naturally decreases during sleep, and a cool (but not cold!) room will help you settle into and maintain sleep throughout the night. (Babies may need a slightly higher room temperature for sleep, but you’ll want to avoid turning up the thermometer more than a few extra degrees.) 

So, how do Kitelinens Stay-Tucked sheets factor into this ideal cave-like sleep environment? And are sheets that do not come untucked OK for people who tend to be hot sleepers? Read on to find out why Kitelinens are the best organic cotton sheets for hot sleepers.

The best sheets for hot sleepers

Kitelinens are the best sheets for hot sleepers for three main reasons:

  1. Stay-Tucked are made of GOTS certified organic cotton sateen. They’re lightweight and one of the most breathable fabric options for bedding.
  2. The hybrid design of our sheets that never come untucked  allow you to easily kick one (or both!) legs out from under the sheet. Instant, easy cooling!
  3. The extra long, deep pocket design prevents trapped toes and prevents trapped heat from making you uncomfortable or sweaty. No feeling constricted, no trapped heat in the bed!

Best sheets to stay cool for couples with incompatible sleep temperature preferences

Sleep incompatibility is a big issue many couples face. According to a recent survey from the National Sleep Foundation, almost one in four married couples sleep in separate beds. While there are many different reasons for this, sleep temperature preference is one of the most commonly reported reasons. Why are Kitelinens pure cotton sheets the best cotton bed sheets to deal with this issue? A few reasons.

For couples who sleep in King or Queen size beds, Kitelinens Luxury King Size Bed Sheets and Cotton Sateen Sheets Queen can help. Our sheet sizes are longer and have deeper pockets than typical cotton bed sheets, which means each person has more breathability under the covers and more room to comfortably move around while staying under them. Plus, no more sheet hogging!

Stay-Tucked Sheets’ hybrid design that includes a side slit on either side of the bed gives you and your partner the option to kick one or both legs out of the sheet without pulling the sheet out of place. So, if one of you wants to kick a leg out, give it a try! It won’t bother the person on the other side who would rather stay under the covers.

Other factors that affect comfortable sleep temperature

Bedding. While Kitelinens’ unique design and breathable organic cotton make them one of the best sheets for hot sleepers, what about the rest of your bedding? Are the fabrics in the rest of your bedding accommodating to your sleep temperature preferences? Quilts, duvets, blankets made of wool or flannel will trap heat. Consider swapping in a breathable comforter and/or dropping some layers to improve temperature regulation in your bed.

Pajamas and Sleepwear. The fabric type of your sleepwear is just as important as the fabric of your sateen bed sheets and bedding. This is the material that’s in direct contact with your skin.  Even if you’re sleeping with the best organic cotton sheets, if you don’t have breathable sleepwear you’re still going to be too hot. While silk pajamas are comfy and flannel pajamas are cozy, they’re not as cool as lightweight cotton. You want to sleep in something that’s breathable to stay cool, and lightweight cotton or sweat-wicking bamboo are your best bets. Also, the looser your cooling pajamas fit, the better. Do a search for “cooling pajamas” or “sweat-wicking pajamas” and you’ll find a lot of great options. Also check out’s list of 11 Cooling Pajamas for Hot Sleepers.

Mattress type. Could your mattress be causing you to overheat at night? Many top-selling mattress brands these days are memory foam based. Memory foam mattresses or “mattresses in a box” are seemingly perfect apartment mattresses - you can buy them online, they come with generous trial periods and return policies, and they’re delivered in a box that can be much more easily brought up stairs and fit through tight entryways compared to traditional mattresses. However, despite the convenience and soft texture of memory foam, this mattress type is often not a good option if you tend to be a hot sleeper.  The body sinks into memory foam, and its material traps body heat and moisture and keeps it close to the body. Many people who make the switch to a memory foam mattress find themselves waking up during the night because they’re overheating and sweating while sleeping. Kitelinens white cotton bed sheets can absolutely help with sleeping hot on a memory foam mattress, but consider changing to a firmer, traditional spring mattress as well.

Medical conditions. If you started overheating at night or sweating at night while sleeping, you should talk with your healthcare provider right away as it can be an indicator of an underlying medical issue. According to the Mayo Clinic, night sweats can be indicative of many conditions including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Side effects of medications
  • Substance use disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Infection (bacterial or viral)
  • Thyroid disease / hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
  • Stroke
  • Various types of cancer
  • For women, night sweats and hot flashes are very common among women around the time of menopause. If you’re a female around age 50 and are having irregular or absent menstrual periods, and have no other symptoms, this is likely the cause of your symptoms.