Sheets that keep you cool

“Summertime, and the livin’s easy,” as the famous lyric goes. But is sleeping easy!? 

Not so much, thanks to high temps and humidity that can make you sweaty and restless between the sheets.

Most doctors recommend sleeping in a cool, cave-like environment of 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius) for the best rest you can get. This is because our body temperature automatically decreases during sleep, and a cool (but not cold!) room will help you settle into and maintain sleep throughout the night.

But depending on where you live, creating that cool cave-like environment may mean your air conditioner is working overtime to keep you cool and sleeping within the ideal range during summer months.

Luckily, Kitelinens breathable sateen sheets are here to help you keep cool in bed not just during the summer, but throughout the entire year. They’re a bedroom investment you need to make. 

Here’s why you need our sheets that keep you cool.

Specially designed sheets to keep you cool

You won’t find sheets that look like ours anywhere else. Because of Kitelinens’ hybrid design, our sheets that keep you cool are excellent for those who tend to sleep hot because they allow you to easily kick one (or both!) legs out from under the sheet. Dual side slits in our sheets prevent trapped body heat from making it too hot in bed. At the foot of the bed, our sheets’ extra long length and deep pocket design prevents trapped toes giving you the freedom to move around and adjust to a cooler sleeping position.  No feeling constricted, no trapped heat in the bed! That means when you sleep with our sheets, you sleep cool and feel better rested.

Sheets made from cool, lightweight fabric

We know you’ll love the airy, smooth feel of Kitelinens sheets. Aside from the unique hybrid design, Kitelinens are sheets that keep you cool because of the material we use to make them: high-quality, ethically-sourced cotton sateen. Cool cotton sateen is a breathable and lightweight fabric that’s one of the best materials to keep you cool at night while you sleep.

Not sure what sateen means? It refers to the weave used in our sheets. We chose 300 count sateen thread for Kitelinens sheets because it’s a luxury weave that’s dense yet cool, satiny, and has a wonderfully soft feel. Sateen sheets drape nicely and are wrinkle-resistant. If you’ve never felt this weave before, you’ll love the experience of sleeping in our cotton sateen sheets. King size sheets, queen size sheets, full and twin size sheets are all available in our store. Shop them here:

Other types of weaves you’ll come across while shopping for sheets include:

  • Percale Sheets – This is a common weave type you’ll find while shopping for bed sheets. It’s a tight weave that feels smooth. Like sateen sheets, percale sheets are cool and breathable, but yhas no sheen.
  • Twill Sheets – Twill is a diagonal weave that has more texture to the touch and visibly, twill is a common weave you’ll see as you shop for luxury bed sheets. Twill sheets are durable and drape well, but they’re not as smooth as sateen sheets.
  • Flannel Sheets – Plusher than other weaves but definitely not as cool, flannel sheets are a popular weave for luxury sheets. Brushing this weave makes it ultra-soft to the touch, and the warmth it provides makes it most appropriate as winter bedding. Definitely avoid flannel sheets if you’re trying to sleep cool!

Learn more about what sets Kitelinens sheets apart from other other cotton sheets here

Our sheets are cool, for less!

If you do an online search for cooling sheets, you’re sure to find some luxury cool sheets and sheet sets that are well over $200. We pride ourselves on making affordable 100% cotton sheets that feel amazing to sleep in night after night. The affordability of our sheets mean you can buy multiple sheet sets for your laundry cycle and sheets for your kids’ rooms. Have elderly family members visiting or living with you? Our sheets that require no tucking or mattress lifting are perfect for them. Add Kitelinens sheets to your guest rooms to make bed making easier for all your home’s visitors.

A simple Google search for cooling sheets or cooling blankets will bring up a host of expensive, high-tech gadgets and gizmos, many that require electricity, water, gels and/or installing things onto your bed. Some of these gadgets require you to switch out your entire mattress and some require sleeping on top of a cool pad with uncomfortable coils underneath you. If water is involved, you’ll have to clean the machine regularly to avoid mildew and mold. And, many of these solutions aren’t instant. Some cooling mattresses and pads can take a half hour or more to get to the cool temperature you set it on.

We don’t think any of this is very cool! (See what we did there!?). We all interact with enough tech in waking life, why not keep the bedroom free of as many beeps, buzzes, hums and blinks as possible? It’s much easier to change your sheets and keep the complicated tech out of the bed. When it comes to solutions for sleeping cool, our philosophy is this: Keep it simple between the sheets.

Kitelinens sheets give you cool relief from hot sleep instantly. If your A/C is already on throughout the night, that’s plenty of electricity being used already! Our easy-on cool sheets are simpler, smarter, low-tech and comparatively inexpensive solution that allows you to simply kick your leg(s) out while still remaining under the sheets

The simplest solution for sleeping cool - swap out your current sheets and bedding for cooler options, like Kitelinens sheets! - is certainly the best one, in our opinion. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out the dozens of 5-star reviews of Kitelinens sheets, and read a couple of stories from real customers to find out why they’re sleeping cool and better with Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets.

Sheets that keep you cool, together!

We make our Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets in Queen and King bed sizes so that couples can use them to stay cool and sleep better together. The great thing about having a hybrid design that includes a side slit on either side of the sheet means that you and your partner both have the option to kick one or both legs out of the sheet without yanking the sheet out of place. So, if one of you wants to kick a leg out, give it a try! It won’t bother the person on the other side who would rather stay under the sheets.

Shop our sheets and stock up on extra King or Queen sizes for your laundry cycle. You and your partner will be sleeping cool all summer and beyond!

Besides sheets, what else affects cool sleep?

Now that we’ve covered sheets that cool you down at night, it’s time to look at other factors that might be preventing you from cool sleep. Sheets that help you stay cool can help, but if one of the following factors is preventing you from getting the cool sleep you deserve, it’s time to make some changes.

Do you have a health issue that’s preventing you from feeling cool and comfortable between the sheets? If you’ve noticed changes in your sleep patterns, including if you’re waking up hot and sweaty, you should keep a sleep journal and report these changes to your healthcare provider. Cool sheets are great for relief from the feeling of being hot and sweaty in bed, but they won’t solve the root cause of your restlessness. According to the Mayo Clinic, night sweats can be indicative of many conditions including but not limited to:anxiety disorders, side effects from drugs, autoimmune disorders, infection, thyroid issues, and even various types of cancer. For women, night sweats and hot flashes between the sheets at night are very common during perimenopause

But don’t go down the WebMD rabbithole! Talk to your doctor about why you’re abnormally hot and sweaty under the sheets right away and get some answers. Read more about why Kitelinens sheets are an excellent choice for hot sleepers here.

Is your bedding preventing you from cool sleep? When it comes to cool sheets and bedding, factors such as thread count, fabric type and number of layers are things you should consider. Flannel sheets and blankets, wool sheets or blankets, polyester sheets, quilts or duvets should all be avoided, especially if you’re trying to sleep cool during the summer. These types of sheets, blankets and duvets won’t help you sleep cool.

Kitelinens cotton sateen Stay-Tucked Sheets use breathable cotton - the best material to keep you cool - but take a look at the rest of your bedding. What materials are the quilts, duvets, or blankets that you use? Learn more about why Kitelinens are the best cooling sheets for you if you sleep hot here

Are you waking up hot because your sleepwear is not cool enough? Aside from sheets and blankets, something you might not have thought of that may be preventing you from sleeping as cool as you need to be: pajamas. The fabric type of your PJ’s is just as important as the fabric of your bed sheets because this is the material that’s in direct contact with your skin.  Even if you’re sleeping with the best cotton sheets (Kitelinens, duh!), if your sleepwear isn’t breathable, you’re not going to be cool enough in bed. 

Check the fabric of your preferred sleepwear. If there is flannel, wool or polyester involved, nix it and find some PJ’s that will keep you cool. Look for 100% cotton sleepwear that will help you sleep cool and comfortable under the sheets.

Is your pillow helping to keep you cool? Memory foam pillows are popular and can provide you with much-needed support If you are a side sleeper, have neck pain or spinal alignment issues. However, memory foam tends to absorb heat and can prevent you from sleeping cool at night. If you are waking up hot and sweaty, especially in your face/neck area and you use a memory foam pillow, then you should consider testing out some alternative head support options that will allow you to sleep cool. Because, even if your body is staying cool while you sleep under Kitelinens sheets, you’re going to keep waking up if you’re feeling too hot above the shoulders. If you want more information on finding a cool pillow, check out our guide on finding the right pillow for you

Is your thermostat set to a cool enough temperature? As we mentioned above, sleep experts recommend you keep the thermostat between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius). However, for many people, that temperature range is too cool or not cool enough to keep. Your preference for a cool bedroom may be dependent on what age you are. If you’d like to learn more about the relationship between age and sleep temperature, don’t miss our guide on sleep at every age

Is your partner preventing you from getting cool sleep?  You and your partner may not be in agreement on what the definition of a cool temperature is. As such, you two probably don’t agree on what temperature to keep the thermostat on at night. But don’t worry! This type of problem between the sheets is far from rare. Did you know that almost one in four married couples sleep in separate beds? (Source: National Sleep Foundation) Temperature preferences is one of the most common incompatibilities couples report when it comes to getting cool, high quality sleep. 

Your partner may change how cool they like to keep your bedroom temperature at throughout the year as the seasons change and will almost certainly vary throughout their life due to changes in the body. There are a number of ways to approach solving the problem of different sleep temperature needs, and changing your sheets to stay cool is one possible part of the solution.

The hybrid design of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets can help by giving you and your partner the ability to sleep cool by kicking a leg (or both!) out from under the sheets without disturbing your partner. Plus, the design of our sheets prevents sheet-hogging, another commonly reported sleep problem for couples. Our sheets are cheaper than many other solutions for staying cool while sleeping, and cheaper than couples therapy! We think that’s pretty cool ;-) 

Want to learn more about other common sleep problems among couples and how Kitelinens snuggle-friendly cool sheets can help? Click here

Could your mattress be stopping you from getting cool sleep? If you have a mattress that’s made out of heat-trapping material such as memory foam, sheets that keep you cool will only help you so much. If you’ve already ruled out all other factors - health issues (affecting you or your partner), sleepwear, the type of fabric your sheets and bedding are made from, room temperature - then your mattress may be the culprit. If your mattress is memory foam, there’s a good chance you may need to switch to a traditional spring mattress in order to sleep cool again. 

Ordering a new mattress can be a hassle (an expensive hassle, at that!) but luckily most mattress companies have generous trial periods and return policies, and even white glove delivery service. Kitelinens cool sheets are compatible with all mattress types (Twin, Full, Queen, King sheets) regardless of what type of materials the mattress is made from. It will take you time to research and test the right mattress for you, but getting cool, high-quality sleep on a consistent basis is priceless. Your body will thank you!

Start your mornings better with Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets