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A bed that makes itself?

How cool would it be to have a bed that makes itself every morning? It sounds a little bit sci-fi, but a self-making bed is not as futuristic as you might think. In fact, you’ll find “smart” bedding out there that can be controlled from a phone app to “make” itself via a system of tubes within the duvet that will flatten, smooth and unfurl it back into place. Depending on how open-minded and eager to adopt new technologies you are, that may sound amazing or it may sound like too much tech in your sleep environment. Regardless, what about your sheets!? Sure, it’s a morning time-saver if your comforter can make itself with the tap of a button, but...

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Kitelinens pure cotton bed sheets solve sheet hogging

Sleep incompatibility is a big issue many couples face. According to a recent survey from the National Sleep Foundation, almost one in four married couples sleep in separate beds.  While there are many different reasons for this, Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, says it’s largely because couples who continue to share a bed suffer from 50 percent more sleep disturbances than those who sleep alone. What are those disturbances and how can Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets help couples sleep better together? Read on to find out. Active sleepers: how Kitelinens white cotton bed sheets can help. If you or your partner is an active sleeper, then sleeping together can get problematic. Unconscious “sheet hogging”...

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Get Kitelinens Luxury Double Bed Sheets and other sizes in all your bedrooms

Kitelinens aren’t just for helping you start your day better - they’re meant to help every person in your house start their day better as well.  If making your bed faster every morning helps your morning go smoother, imagine how it can help kids create healthy habits and become more organized? Imagine sharing the “life-hack” of better bed-making with relatives and friends staying in your guest room(s)? Imagine making it easier for older family members with back and joint aches to make their bed. No more lifting the mattress and having to bend down and tuck in the sheets every morning. We’re sure all family members and guests will be impressed and delighted with your new better bedding discovery. And...

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How do you keep premium cotton bed sheets from coming untucked?

We love this question because it’s the one that started it all at Kitelinens. Our Stay-Tucked Sheets are the answer to making your bed quicker and keeping your bed sheets neatly in place. We found that sheet tucking every single morning is boring and repetitive – who wants to spend their limited and important morning time doing that sort of repetitive task? Maybe you’ve had this realization too. Maybe after years of tucking and lifting your mattress every morning, you’ve lost the motivation to keep making your bed. Maybe you’ve even tried to tell yourself you’ll stay in one position all night so you don’t move your regular top sheet out of place. That never works!  Maybe you’ve even ditched...

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