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Kitelinens Sleep Stories: Janis A.

Sleep needs are highly variable across ages, genders and lifestyles. When we designed Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets, we set out to create the most comfortable cotton sheets for all types of people, no matter what sleep preferences you have.  What type of sleeper are you? What are your sleep preferences, must-haves and must-NOT-haves? While the answers can be vastly different from person to person, you might be surprised that many people have the same quirks and specific preferences in common.  With this in mind, we started reaching out to Kitelinens customers to see what they’d share about their sleep life and how Kitelinens helps. Our Sleep Stories series features interviews with real users of Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets and their testimonials about how Kitelinens premium cotton bed sheets improved...

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Sheets for better sleep - the connection between age and sleep

How are age and sleep related? As we get older, sleep needs and preferences change naturally. Sleep experts at the  Sleep Foundation, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society (SRS) have researched and published recommendations for the amount of sleep needed for adults and children at different stages of life. In general, these organizations closely coincide in their findings. Read on to learn more about how much sleep you really need at each stage, and how Kitelinens can be your sheets for better sleep at many different ages. Improving sleep for infants and toddlers According to researchers, newborn babies 0-3 months old should get 14-17 hours of sleep. As babies grow to 4-11 months old, the...

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Why a Professional Home Organizer Uses Kitelinens

We love the satisfaction you get from making your bedroom (especially your bed!) neat, so of course, we love keeping tidy in all rooms of the home too. No one knows this feeling of satisfaction better than professional home organizers, experts in clutter clearing who know all the best tricks and products for keeping your living spaces neat. Ever wonder what it’s like being a professional home organizer? We asked Clara, Founder of The Home Organized in Birmingham Alabama, who’s a professional organizer that loves Kitelinens. We had a chance to ask Clara about her multi-stop organization approach, how she helps her clients stay consistently neat, and how Kitelinens can help. If you’ve ever wondered what being a home organizer...

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